Details Associated With Specialist Whitening

Details Associated With Specialist Whitening

Many people do not have all the facts when it comes to teeth whitening. By separating truth from myth, a dental patient can take advantage of having a healthier looking smile that is aesthetically pleasing. A reputable family dentist can provide such this service, however, it is best to consult with a cosmetic dental professional to ensure the best care and result possible. Here are some myths and facts associated with dental whitening.

It is expensive

Myth - Many people believe that home whitening treatments are less expensive than a professional procedure. The crux of the matter is that home products do not last that long and additional products must be purchased regularly in order to maintain their white smile. When the cost of these products over the years reaches a certain amount, having your teeth cleaned by dentist kingston turns out to be much cheaper and more effective. The whitening process carried out by a professional is perfect for every budget-conscious person.

It is painful

Myth - When teeth whitening gel is applied by Kingston Family Cosmetic Dental Center in the right way, minimal side effects can occur. A dentist kingston takes the time to assess the status of the patient’s teeth in order to determine their sensitivity. People who decide to use products at home are more likely to suffer from discomfort as there is no supervision and excessive use of the product is common. This is another disadvantage to performing dental whitening without a professional.

It's fast

Truth - Professional teeth cleanings have a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide that is then enhanced with a UV light. These professional grade materials are closely monitored by the dental professional. This treatment is both fast and effective when dealing with discolorations and stain removal. In fact, most people are done in under an hour. With only a few applications, a dental patient may experience whitening that is 8 to 14 lighter than the tooth color they walked in with.

It makes you look younger

Truth - Having a whiter smile lights up a patient’s whole face. This may take 10 years or more off the face. Whiter teeth are commonly correlated to young patients which is why so many people are deciding to have professional whitening procedures done. When a patient looks and feels better, they can regain their self-confidence and have a new sense of value. In order to maintain the whiteness of a person’s teeth, he or she will need to regularly brush and floss. This includes routine check-ups with your dentist. It is also important to stay away from certain foods and drinks - a good general rule is to avoid elements that could stain a carpet. Having the right information allows a person to make the right decisions about teeth whitening. Contact Kingston Family Cosmetic Dental Center to learn more.